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    I agree with you - I wish it had more power-user features. I attended a webinar on Good 4.0 and aside from some slight UI changes, it didn't seem all that huge a leap from the 3.8 I have. Awhile later, I got a call from them asking for feedback, so I told them:

    1. It would be very, very useful if Good Contacts, Tasks, Notes supported Outlook categories. That would make those apps complete replacements for the built-in PalmOS ones.
    2. Iíd very much like to see Good provide the callerís name and picture (if available) for incoming calls when the callerís number is available. This is a basic capability built-in to the PalmOS contacts app which Good should provide since itís Contacts app is intended to be a complete replacement. Assuming the callerís number is known, this is what happens today:
    - If the number matches a Favorites entry, the callerís name is shown on the incoming call screen
    - If it does not match a Favorites entry, only the number appears - even if the number is in the Good Contacts app
    3. Bundle GoodAccess (intranet) with the rest of GoodLink

    which were the main things I could think of at the time.

    plemieux - speaking of smashing BlackBerry's - do you have GoodAccess and if so, how well does it work? I don't have access to it, so I'm curious. I hate that there is even one thing a BB can do that I can't with my 650.
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    Agreed. Categories would be nice and should be coming in future updates. Not sure of the engineering required. My understanding is that attachment handling (being able to send attachments from the device) is a major priority right now.
    2. I use a Treo 600 and have pictures pop up with in coming calls that are associated with favorites. With 50 available favorite slots, for me anyway, that is plenty. True, it could be a bit cleaner and it would be nice to have it available for all contacts, but it can be done.
    3. Interesting request. The announcement a couple of days ago of HP packaging GoodLink and GoodAccess on their new iPaq is going to bring this up even more. The issue here is that GoodAccess is not a simple drop in solution. There is some development involved, though The GA Client piece (this is me speaking, not anyone else nor anything I am hearing) I think could be included, or at least an option of having it as an option for enterprise accounts that want to use it, with a GoodLink license.
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    GoodGuy - yea, sending attachments from the device is important.

    I should've mentioned that the problem with picture ID is specific to the 650. Palm moved the image assignment out of the Favorites and into the contact record itself. Therefore, it's now something the Good Contacts app needs to do since the Phone app no longer provides the number-to-image mapping.
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    Tom...Ahh..I see...I will send this on to our product management team, though I am sure they have heard it before, but another voice couldn't hurt
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    I don't know if my company has GoodAccess. However, I am planning on finding out next week. That would be one way of doing many things which right now require carrying a laptop and that is not feasible the majority of the time so documents and database records have to be updated when returning to the office... major pain.

    Anyway, should we start a new thread of "feature requests" for the GoodLink apps? Then, we could forward that to Good as they seem pretty receptive! There are probably a lot of feature requests already but that would make sure we don't overlook anything...

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    plemieux, I doubt you currently have GoodAccess unless you were a beta customer as we just announced the product last week. You can learn more about it at the Good website. The key to keep in mind with GA is that if an application has web services, it will be accessible with GA.
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    I had forgotten that GA wasn't available yet for the 650, but I guess it is now. The problem for me is that my company hasn't gone for GA deployment, just GL.

    As I understand it from my IT dept, it was overpriced. I don't know the details, but apparently GL and BB service prices were comparable but BB includes intranet whereas GA is a separately priced add-on package. I gave that feedback to the marketing folks who called me as well.

    Judging from, it looks like GA is really more of an "intranet applications server" delivery vehicle which is certainly more than just a secure pipeline for html viewing. From that perspective I guess there is more "value" in GA, but for me personally, that would be total overkill. I just want to view intranet web pages when I'm on the run.

    It's a shame that I can't with my 65K 320x320 screen and all-around-good browser but a BB with a junky tiny low-res B&W screen can. Arghhh....the horror...the horror...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    Tom...Ahh..I see...I will send this on to our product management team, though I am sure they have heard it before, but another voice couldn't hurt
    Thanks GoodGuy - you are living up to your moniker

    Any ETA for Good 4.0? I'm on the "notify me" email list, but that doesn't make me more patient
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    Again, GA has not been released for any device yet. We have a couple of customers running it now as test (larger enterprise type). As for comparison to BB, the true comparison is their MDS product (Mobile Data Services). A standard deployment for GA will run about $25K. This is a major product for the wireless space with nothing coming really close, including MDS and the Intellisync Suite. If you visit you can review tech specs on the product, what it does and how it does it.

    Now, regarding BB vs GL. I have displaced several BB installations with both Treos and the 6601 PPC devices. Once we get them into the hands of the users, they refuse to give them up. And, once we get the server into the hands of the IT folks and they are up and running with no end-user desktop install, no cradling for any aspect of Outlook and, with 4.0, over the air provisioning and OTA 3rd party app push, the IT department never has to touch the handhelds, it is a slam dunk. This isn't really the thread for BB vs GL discussion, but there are several features we have and the way we handle things that gives us these BB winsbacks. From a cost standpoint, once you add in the cost of BES and the additional hours required for install, provisioning, management and maintenance, etc, the TCO of a GoodLink deployment is the same, if not lower than a similar BB deployment and that is WITH additional cost for the devices. If your company is planning on moving to BES 4.0, this is the perfect time for them to relook at GoodLink because the hassles involved with the BB upgrade will drive them nuts. Plus, we have some nice promotions for BB users where we will buy back the Blackberries with a GL purchase.

    As for 4.0, I am running it right now on a 600 and I have some folks running it pre-release on 650's. Have not heard a firm date for release, but last I DID hear, we are looking, hopefully, towards the end of Feb, early Mar.
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    GoodGuy - makes sense.

    Right now, we have 15 BBs for every GL deployment, so it wasn't as much a "displacement" opportunity, but a "new alternative" opportunity. Perhaps that's why the TCO didn't carry as much weight. I can't say for sure - I certainly wasn't involved in any way.

    At least for the new deployments, I'm sure IT loves the TCO, though. They are constantly trying to standardize everything, push sw to the desktop, etc to keep their maintenance costs down. Once in awhile, it also improve their response time

    Agree - enough on marketing, deployment strategy and BB bashing...back to Good on Treos - an excellent combination.
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    Tom, that is exactly how we position it when talking with customers. Not looking to displace, just to provide a non-propietary, more feautre-rich, easier to manage solution for wireless access to email. Seruously, I don't start with talk of replacing BB. Customers do a trial and see the combination of the 650 features, look and feel with the functionality of GoodLink and it is an easy win for us. I encourage BB shops to try us out. IT guys love no desktop install because they don't want users mucking around in there. BB is a great product..they invented wireless email for the masses. The key thing for Treo owners to understand, the ones looking for Blackberry-like service is that there are products out there. I am biased to Good (obviously) but I am reading great things here about Chatter and am thinking about setting it up for my home email on my Treo. There is something out there for everyone.
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    Goodguy- I just upgraded to a Sprint 650 with Goodlink from a T-mobile 600 with Visto. The email function is great, but the Contact/Phone and the Calendar functions are less useful to me than the Palm ones. I have read there is a way to delink the Good overlays for these functions and keep the email. Can you walk me through the specific steps to do this? Thanks,
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    There is a workaround on version 3.7 (the version on the 600) that I am not sure will work with 3.8 (the version on the 650), that is unsupported. By doing it, however, your Palm Contacts/Calendar are NOT integrated with GoodLink or Outlook. If you still want to proceed, let me know and I will PM you the steps as I would rather not make them public at this point until it is supported.
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    GoodGuy- Thanks. Please email me at
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    It's rather easy to do, just delete the Good Contact app (which is still available from the Good Menu). Your Treo will use the built-in app again...a must have since Good will not auto initialize after a reset and your contacts won't be available unless you launch Good again.

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