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    Is there a simple (and inexpensive) finance/expense manager compatible with the Treo 600 that might (somehow) synchronize with Quicken (on Mac OS X)?

    Does anyone have experience with this. Basically, I'd like to be able to track my expenses while on the road and then synchronize them with Quicken when I'm at home. Nothing fancy...
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    The only palm based finance app that I know of that syncs with Quicken is Pocket Quicken. I would be interested to know if anyone has used this app and if it is any good. I would also like to know if there is anything else out there??
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    I've used Pocket Quicken. It's excellent. But I removed it because I realized if I ever lost my Palm, who ever found it would have access to all my financial records.
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    I use it too! Love It..

    As for privacy... Pocket Quicken has a password function on it so should you lose it noone can easily access your data without knowing your password...
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    I have Handwallet you can try it at, the basic version is FREE !!! if you like it you can buy the Pro version.

    Is very simple for me.

    Best regards.
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    Finance Managers that sync to Quicken:

    Best: Splashmoney available at
    2. Mobile Money available at (has great charts and graphs but the interface isnt quite as elegant as SplashMoney

    Good luck and happy budgeting!

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