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    This think wants me to hotsync before I can connect wirelessly.. I set up hotsyne for Inbox to Go to only take the last 7 days of mail.. And on the Treo I set it up to only get UNREAD mail...

    This thing is trying ot hot sync my ENTIRE OUTLOOK inbox.. WTF!!! I will never fit that.. Also I hit cancel and it just keeps going.. Pissing me off!!!

    I am a self procalaimed techno geek. But.

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    I feel better now...
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    There is a thread on InBox 2 go should search for it. InBox 2 go is worthless and terribly unintuitive software. I returned it for a full refund after playing with it for 1 hour.
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    I've kept Inbox 2 Go only because it will let me download Excel files all nice and formatted. Other than that, it's useless. Is there any other program that will download Excel files? I use Sprint Business Connection for my e-mail ordinarily, it's only when I get an Excel attachment that I need Inbox to Go.
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    If you use latest Docs to Go it will open native Exel. I get Excel in VersaMail and open them right up in Docs 2 Go.
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    I do have docs to go, but for my regular e-mail I've been using the Business Connection because I can get my e-mails "pushed". No other e-mail package will do that (at least none that I know of.) The Inbox to Go is just a convenient way to get my files into docs to go. If only Business Connection could open the Excel files, then I'd have everything!!
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    I've got a question...if you are using Inbox to Go to download your email, does your desktop need to be running to do that, or does it just poll from the server?
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    It pulls from the server. If you want your e-mails redierected from your desktop, then you need to leave it on.
    I have no problems with InBox To Go. I don't redirect emails. I use it mainly when I'm away from my Laptop and it gets the e-mails & attachments fine.
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