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    I've been using my Treo for ~9 months and never encountered a problem, even after dropping it 3 times!

    I've read some threads where users had to perform a hard reset. What exactly is that? When does one do that?
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    Read the manual chap. Shows different reset methods.
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    A hard reset basically restores your phone back to the way it was out of the box.

    Everything on the unit is erased.

    To do a hard reset:

    1. Hold down the power button.
    2. While holding down the power button press the reset button on the back of the Treo.
    3. Do not release the power button until the Palm logo appears.
    4. Once the logo appears, release the Palm button.
    5. Press up to erase all data.

    You really shouldn't have to hard reset unless your Treo gets stuck in some sort of endless reset loop or something.
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    but heres a questtion...i just did a hard reset...but on the screen where it says to push up to do a data wipe...i didnt and pushed any other is that classified as a soft reset?
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    Treo resetting is an arcane art - Palmone advise varying degrees (which sound like something else all together :-) ) according to your problem. They are, in increasing order of severity,

    Soft, System/Warm, Hard, In-Cradle, Power Down, Battery Disconnect.

    See,CASE=887 for full info

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    thanks man much appreciated on the site

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