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    Has anyone run into this, or knows what to do? Everytime I try to turn the phone on (activate wireless by pressing the button on the top left of the T600, to be precise), my T600 resets after a couple of seconds, while it is searching for the network. I've done a hard reset after backing up all data, and if I don't have any data on my T600 except the factory defaults (in other words, after the hard reset), it is fine -- no resets. However, I apparently must have some program or software on my T600 that is causing it to reset everytime I try to turn the phone on.

    Any ideas? Anybody know what the glitch or software conflict might be?
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    What was the last thing you installed?

    You can try to narrow it down by reinstalling each program one by one. Eventually, you'll get to the one that causes the problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    I read a similar problem at forums last week. From my vague recollection, if you have recently upgraded a GSM Treo (Tmobile) with the 1.12 patch, it appears that there is a Phone.prc file in your Treo that's is causing the resets and need to be removed.Check it out.
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    Phone.prc will be the problem. Delete it using Filez and perform a soft reset. It should be all good then. Have you upgraded the firmware recently?
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    Yeah -- that was it. I deleted the phone.prc and then did a soft reset. Somehow, my favorites got reverted to what they were six months ago (go figure that one out) but it was indeed the everything is fine. I guess we should be aware that skinner was probably the problem, as suggested on the customer support page. Thanks, all.

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