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    So I just exchanged my t600 for a reconditioned (as opposed to "refurbished" -- Sprint asserts there is a difference) one. I've noticed that the vibrate feature is significantly weaker now than it was on the phone I gave up (one of the original Handspring decaled ones). I've had it for a week and missed every call I've gotten. I only rarely missed calls with my old one. I recall a post about the vibrate feature not working at all when someone swapped, but, with mine, it does vibrate some. Does anyone know if the palm1 models have a weaker vibrate strength for some reason (battery saver maybe)? Or is mine just horked? Thanks.
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    I have a pa1mOne version and the vibrate mode is surprisingly weak. I can't rely on it.
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    You're right about the weaker vibrate on the PalmOne phone ... I just noticed it. Eeeww ... I really miss that knock your socks off vibrater on the 300 model.

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