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    I beg the moderators pardon by posting here. But it appears free WAP at T-Mo has become the classic case of "you get what you pay for". See my posting about crippling performance of free wap in the US GSM forum.

    T-Mo has 4 data plans available to Treo owners:

    Free WAP
    T-Zones pro
    $19.95 unlimited

    I'm VERY interested in hearing what kind of speeds people are seeing with the various plans. My recent experiences with free WAP have led me to the conclusion that it is effectively unusable. Less the 4Kb/s. I used to get better than 30Kb/s before the crippling.

    I beg the moderator's discretion here. yes, this is a carrier issue, but this forum has the most traffic.

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    I have the Tmo TZones and I get full unlimited GPRS access. Don't ask me how and I'm not complaining either. A few threads back, someone reported that the GPRS was hard wired into the GSM Treo that's why it only cost me $10 monthly. I don't know if this is still true.
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    I have tzone pro grandfathered plan. it is very slow in CA and not sure it is bc of treo600 or the connection. either way it is slow to me.
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    we have t zone the speeds are the same!
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    I use the free WAP, and a coworker of mine has the full $19.99 plan. The speeds were the same for us yesterday. It ranged from crap, to less crappy, then back again (in the afternoon)

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