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    Ok... simple question before i go ahead and buy one of those mouse serial car GPS:

    I am planning to use it with Mapopolis. What happens when someone calls me while driving and using GPS? Can I place phonecalls?

    Also, what happens when the phonecall ends? can I go back to Mapopolis where I left it, or do I have to put in my destination address again?

    Thanks guys.
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    I don't have it, but I'll take a shot from what I've read in the past.

    I think you can place phone calls, but not receive GPS data points while on the phone. Some say this is a good thing, because people will pull over to the side of the road to talk on the phone.

    When the phone call is over, I believe you still have to re-input the destination address again, but there are two things about this. 1. I think Mapopolis was working on making it so this wouldn't be the case any more -- it would just remember your dest. address. I don't know if they've accomplished it or not. 2. I believe someone used a bookmark of some sort for the destination address (and the current position for the original address), which would seem to make it relatively easy to me.

    It's relatively new technology (GPS on cell phones that is), so I'd expect some hiccups along the way. My personal opinion is that it's worth those hiccups, the first time it saves you when you are completely lost.
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    It's true that you have to restart Mapopolis and reselect your destination after it is interrupted by a phone call, but since it saves your last five or so destinations it as simple as choosing it from a drop-down list. There is no way you are going to be able to navigate and talk at the same time with one device, which is probably not a good idea anyway.
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    I use Mapopolis.

    When you are driving and using GPS and get a phone call the screen switches to flash the regular incoming call message. If you answer the phone it switches back to Mapopolis and you continue to navigate while you are on your conversation. If you ignore or let the call ring thru the phone also switches back to navigation.

    With Version 1.35 of Mapopolis navigator you had to restart navigation and reselct your destination like vflopez said, but, if you use the latest beta 1.37 or 1.39 the program now restarts automatically so you do not have to touch you phone. I've been testing the beta for the past couple weeks and I find it better and as stable if not more than 1.35.
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    So the new Mapopolis beta allows GPS navigation to continue even when a call is received - great news! Does it also allow you to place an outgoing call, then switch back to navigation after the call connects (so you can continue the conversation while still navigating)?

    I use a headset for all calls in the car and plan to let a passenger do the navigating, so I'd like to have the Treo do both simultaneously.

    Thanks for the help!


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