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    Email IMAP and POP programs on the 600...I think that I have used them all.

    Nothing comes close to Chatter. And I know Marc is back and releasing some new beta versions which are extremely stable. And my battery is lasting all day with Sprint 1.2 updater in place.

    I had some battery drain issues at first (especially after the 1.2 updater), but after reading some posts, I did a hard reset, re-installed 1.2, did another hard reset, then REINSTALLED FROM SCRATCH the programs I really use.

    I had tried to do the 1.2 update (even with a hard reset), and then restore programs/data, but I believe some old program (which I had installed and later deleted) had some background things running that drained my battery very rapidly. I am guessing that I had, in the past, uninstalled some poorly written communications programs which did not actually un-install some background things which may have been running when I had picked DELETE on the 600. It probably could not remove some items which were still communicating in the background.

    By doing a hard-reset, install updater 1.2, then FRESHLY INSTALL just what I needed, I have a long-lasting battery even in bad signal areas.

    After doing the above, and re-installing the latest Chatter beta, I can say that Chatter runs completely solid, and is FAR better than anything else I have been running for a while, or even installed today.

    Buy is well priced, works great, Marc is excellent with his support, and I outrun all other wireless email products including Blackberry and PocketPC devices that others have who I work with each day.

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    I smell....

    Woah, you're that informed on your second post? And you just registered today?
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    Well I've been here awhile and I'd have to agree with sbuchart.

    Although I am having battery drain issues, I think chatter is the best.

    I am for sure going to try the above mentioned method to fix my battery issues.
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    Chatter's good, but the battery drain issue keeps me from using it as an "always on" email client. To be fair, it's definitely not all Chatter's fault. Simply having an idle connection to Vision is a substantial battery drain, especially in a weak coverage area. (hopefully Sprint/P1 will address this in future Treo's...) Plus, keeping an open data connection all day long contributes to some missed calls here and there.

    I've said this before, but for me an SMS trigger is the best way to go for a push email solution. It's not nearly as elegeant, but it works - and it means having a battery with 85% juice left at the end of the day vs. 40%.

    I will keep trying out new betas of Chatter though, as Marc is still actively developing it and adding functionality.
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    I'm curious why it matters whether you have 40% or 85% at the end of the day. Charging turns both into 100%, no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    I'm curious why it matters whether you have 40% or 85% at the end of the day. Charging turns both into 100%, no?

    Marc, you're right - on some days this wouldn't really matter. But the 40% figure I mentioned is just an average, and this is only about an 8 hour timeframe. If I'm using email/phone heavily, it's more like 20%. During the work-week it isn't as big a deal, since my Treo is in it's cradle all day. But on the weekend, this just isn't acceptable. I can't be tied to the charger for half the weekend just so I can get my emails.

    Also, it's not like the Treo charges very quickly. If I could fully charge a dead Treo in an hour, it might not matter as much either . But bringing a near-fully discharged Treo back to 100% takes a while. (around 3+ hours)

    Maybe more than anything I like to have some reserve left in the tank just in case. If the Treo was only a PDA, I wouldn't care as much - but since it's also my phone I like to be a little cautious with the battery drain.
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    "I smell....."

    I have been a palm and pocket pc user for a few years, have a few treo 300's, a 600, at our office we have blackberry's, and a few pocket pc phones. We are an enterprise-wide software development company with implementations on massive scales throughout the world, and our wireless workflow module leverages pda's, pda phones, wifi, tablet pc's, etc. etc. I am not new to any of this.

    I have learned much from TreoCentral for a long time. It is an invaluable resource. Yes, this is my first post. But having purchased and used many competing IMAP packages, I think others need to know the sheer power of having Chatter in their pocket. If Marc can add attachment support, I am home free.

    I also thought it is important for those who thought Chatter drained the battery to know how I resolved the issue, and now find it a complete joy to work with.

    I hope that the first post of mine helps others take more advantage of instant IMAP with less battery drain than I am having with other packages which have to fetch and fetch and fetch even when nothing new is there. And when using Treohelper with SMS push to Snapper (which now fails), I still had worse battery life than using this setup with Chatter.

    I hope that helps.

    I hope what you smell is something good.
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    [QUOTE=sbuchart ...And when using Treohelper with SMS push to Snapper (which now fails), I still had worse battery life than using this setup with Chatter.

    Well I guess it depends on how many emails you typically get per day. If you're getting like 100+ emails every day then you're probably not saving any battery-life by using an SMS triggered solution. For me, I only get a handful per day, so the battery savings is substantial.
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    I tried Chatter, but couldn't get it to work. I assume that is because I have the "free" T-Mobile internet access, which is somewhat limited.

    I think Aileron is the best email app I have tried. I've used it on a trial a couple of times and really liked it - but, it is subscription-based and costs about $50 per year. You can get any type of mail: pop, imap, yahoo, hotmail, aol...faxes, too...and it is very user-friendly.

    Since I just use the Treo for personal email, I can't really justify paying that, so I've been using Snapper.
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    I have to agree, Chatter has done IMAP right! It's a great app, the best messaging app out there - I run it continually, everyday. There are, however, two major shortcomings to the program. 1st, you can not be logged on to AIM simultaneously with Chatter and your PC (like you can with Verichat). 2nd, it doesn't support attachments. When those two issues are resolved then Marc will have built a better mouse trap and the World will beat a path to his door!


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