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    Out of the dark ages (old Palm V user)...

    I'm looking for tips as to what accessories are ok to buy on ebay (craddle, etc.), what software I should not be without, what settings (I'm a Sprint user), etc.

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    movie rec and sound rec are at the top on my list, get a nice lancher i thinking about getting facerpro and get your free version of ptunes
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    There's a new book out for Treo 600 from - How to do everything with your Treo 600. It's a good read and elaborates on many cusomization areas that are helpful.

    You can't beat trawling around this forum though; it's the best community on Treo anywhere. Try sorting the forum by views using the controls at the bottom. This gives you an idea of what topics are hot rather than viewing the forum by date of posting which is the default.

    If you want in depth user guide information on all the built-in applications, download an old Visor user guide from the website. These old guides are more detailed than the current Treo guide and most of the information on the built-in applications is still accurate for Treo 600. These guides are about 300 page long. I also highly recommend the book called Handspring Visor Visual quickstart guide by Jeff Carlson published by Peachpit. This is a great guide to learning about the Palm OS flavor supplied on Treos and Visors.

    Go check out the Treo utilities forum here also - it has great mods and tricks to install.
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    Get BackupMan (it's a backup utility), and set it to back up your device to the SD card daily. That way you can customize your Treo and try new apps with impunity, cuz if you blow the Treo up, you just reset and restore from BackupMan, and you're back in business.
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    I agree, get an SD card and BackupMan.
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