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    I've been using my Treo 600 for a month now, I love it but there;s a annoying thing that keeps bothering me and I don't know if it is a known bug.

    It happens with *any* press and hold key while in the dial pad screen. Some times the press and hold work, some times it won't, as if something is interfering with this functionality (maybe Keycaps600??). If I switch the view from the dial pad to *any* screen, say the calendar and return to the dialpad then the press and hold key works again.

    This problem is random, it is not possible to reproduce and usually happens when I use the Treo for a while, activate keyguard to turn it off while in the keypad screen and turn it on again after a long while. When the phone comes alive the key and press will not fuction until I do the step described above (screen switching).

    Is anyone experiencing this?
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    I think I know your problem and the solution. It is keycaps600. I just 'enabled' it and if you chose 'deactivate' in Phone mode, then the 'quick' keys will work. BUT, it won't work anywhere else, since I have TreoButler.. oops, I mean Butler.

    I disabled keycaps600 because I prefer having the 'quick' keys versus the convenience of keycaps600.

    Check out this thread.

    Funny, I just found this out and you had this question.
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    Actually, even if you have it disabled for the Phone app, it will still interfere with quick keys. Here's what the author himself said about this issue:

    "This problem happens when you get to the phone app some other way than launching it normally. Basically, when you receive a call, and it ends and you're left in the phone app, is when this happens. There may be some other cases.

    I've tried to find some way around this, but haven't been able to. I also haven't had much (any) time at all to work on this lately."

    KeyCaps600 is a great utility for typing, but this one issue severely limits its useability, IMO.

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