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    I am looking for a good wine tracking/note storage software program. What I would like is something that has some built in description categories, wine categories and then easy ways to add your comments and maybe an overall rating you can assign to a wine.

    I see there are some programs out there but they seem to be more targetted to education and choosing of wines.

    Comments??? and suggestions!!
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    I've been using the Avosvins software to track my wine purchases and tasting notes for the past year (after trying several other programs) and it works very well. It is mostly run from the PC side, but once you synchronize with your Treo it will carry over all your data. You can enter some info directly on your Treo (or other Palm), and this seems to be an area slated for future development. Most important - They have very good customer support!

    FYI, I also have Parker in your Palm and it's a great package if you are interested in Parker's tasting notes.

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