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    I haveing real trouble with my Treo600. I try to dail and number. It starts to go thru then it reads no service and goes back to the main screen. The areas I am in, have great reception. I have been in the middle of calls and it just goes back to the main screen and I loose the call.

    I have also been having trouble with being able to answer a call. I press the button to answer, but the Treo does not respond, lockes up and I have to wait for it to respond again or push the soft reset.

    Anyone else having this trouble?? What should I do? Call Palm one or Sprint?

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    I would take the phone to the nearest Sprint store ASAP.
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    I did not purchase the phone from them. Is it ok to still bring it to you.
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    How long was the phone working OK before these problems started happening? Do anything to the phone to have these problems occur like upgrade firmware, install some apps, drop it from a 3rd floor window?

    Try a hard reset but don't sync your apps or anything, just use it to see if it works. If it's still giving you problems call PalmOne for a replacement.
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    It sounds like the "Network Search" issue. There are plenty of posts here about it. See

    Good luck.
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    I had the same issue and it was after the upgrade....I called *2 on my phone and it performed an upgrade on the phone... everything has been beatiful since.

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    i know whats your problem
    for GSM version phone with the sim card
    its your sim card's problem ..
    i had that exact problem the call always dropped ..
    i check with my provider they say its a faulty sim card
    (after 3 years)

    so i changed for a new one and it worked fine
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    I have the same problem as CCAP with a Sprint phone answering a call. About 20% of my calls cause the phone to lock up. My only fix is a soft reset. Generally this occurs in streaks (i.e., it will do this on every call for a few hours then work fine the next day then do it again the next). I believe this first occured after my update to 1.20.

    ESN begins with 09600810xxx
    Software Rev: Treo600-1.20-SPR
    Hardware Rev: C
    PRL Version: 10023
    Mobile Prot Rev: 6

    Next time it happens I will try taking out the card, soft reseting and see if it still happens. Is there a utility that can do a scandisk-type function on a SD card? XAIX, your idea is apperciated, but please forgive me if I seek out other possible faults on a parallel track since a) it seems odd that a faulty SD card would cause this and b) I have a sprint phone and you found this to occur on a GSM.

    CCAP: do you mean you have a sprint phone that you bought from another store or that you have a gsm phone?
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    I bought the phone from treo central. Its a Sprint phone. Also I noticed that in very strong signal areas, the phone works fine. Also sometimes if someone calls me and I hit the center button to answer, the phone locks then goes back to the main screen. I do not have a SD card installed and very minimal palm apps. nothing that would cause this to happen.
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    I have had a treo 600 since the fall -- suddenly
    (today) I am having the same problem as outlined above....
    it persits even after removing the SD card and doing a hard
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    The problem he's describing with a Sprint phone is the dreaded "Network Search" problem. If he's running version 1.20, then it reads "No Service" instead of "Network Search". All the other symptoms are exactly the same. I should know - this is my second T600 with the same problem.

    The only solution is to exchange it, since it is under warranty. YES, you can take it to a Sprint store regardless of where you purchased originally because the warranty is the responsibility of Sprint. However, they might not have any in stock. If that is the case, call Sprint Customer Care and raise a stink, they'll send you a replacement and charge the full price to your account, then credit you back when you return the defective unit.
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    How do you find out what version I have on my phone. Be it 1.20 or something else
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    under phone about, mine says Palmone phone V 1.0 Is that the version you are referring too??
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    First, thank you for this thread.

    I have been having these precise symptoms for several weeks. I, too, am experiencing "no service" notice on 4 out of 5 calls I attempt.I'm gonna run to the store with my semi-useless communication brick. It happened suddenly. One minute I was mister cool. i could win an argument with documentation I located throukgh a Google search. Now I'm ashamed to admit that I have a Treo, since it can't really communicate reliably. Bummer.

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    I just came from the Sprint Store and they are going to replace my phone. Should be in By Friday. They checked it out and then ran a couple of tests on it and they said it failed the tests. So a replacement is on the way!!

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