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    Palm Desktop for OS X has a droplet called Send to Handheld, which I've attempted to use for uploading images. They seem to upload properly (both internally and to my SD card), but I can't locate the images in any program or in the database afterwards. I'd like to find and remove them, but how?

    Or more correctly, I'd like to move them to a location where I could use them as images for incoming calls, rather than use the internal camera for this purpose. Is there something I'm overlooking? Is there software that will accomplish this?
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    Is there a way to use the photos in Splash Photo or other apps as called Id pics? I only seem to be able to use photos taken with the built-in camera. Is there something I'm missing?
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    Beware of using uploaded images for caller ID. If you dont make them a reasonable size e.g. 160x160 you will find that the phone application has to pause while the image is downsized to fit the phone UI each time you open the phone application.
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    When you download the software on your computer (windows) it creates a folder under start - programs - hardspring - named Treo Pictures.
    If you go into that folder you'll find your user name double click it and you'll find 3 folders: Personal, Transfer, Unfiled.
    All you have to do is drop the pics you want to add in the 'Transfer' folder and they will show up on your treo after your next sync.

    Kitty, do you have a SD card?
    If you do, most likely your pics are in the DCIM folder in the Card.
    Any pics that you do not find in RAM is usually dropped in that folder.

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