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    Anyone gotten Text Complete to work since the upgrade? Everytime Text Complete presents me with a list of words my Treo 600 crashes. ##ERR reveals:

    A reset was caused... while running "Text Comp": Window68k.c, Line:92, No shadow window found
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    Hmm. Closer inspection / testing reveals that maybe it's not Text Complete that is the problem. The app (which used to have major issues) seems to be working fine in all of my applications - except Chatter (my test app - for the previous post - was Chatter). But by expanding my testing to the other text based apps on my Treo I've determined that the program looks like it's working fine.

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    So... you'd recommend this? I'm dying for something to do this sort of thing that works well with the Treo600.
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    You have to try textPlus 5.5 it just got updated for the treo 600 its amazing! It will cut your typing time in half. I downloaded it from palmgear.
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    Just downloaded TextComplete, and that's working great so far... but I'm intrigued by TextPlus. Is it obtrusive (the screen shots looks like it takes up half the screen)? I do like the "phrase" suggestion as well as the words.
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    I've been using TextPlus since my Treo 270. I love it. You can set the size, and how many options you are given at what stage of your typing. You owe it to yourself to look at it.

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