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    is it any good? clear?
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    I buy mine from NUSHEILD and absolutely love it! You only difference you notice is an enhanced look.
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    I've used the NUSHIELD screen protectors since late January. They are great and relatively easy to install. No more bubbles!
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    I bought the ones from TreoCentral on Friday and they just came today. The first one I got was not sticky at all so I was really confused about what was going on. I could not get it to stay at all so I thought I was using them wrong or something. Finally I tried another one in the pack and it worked fine. One big bubble that I easily pressed out and no dust or dirt under the protector.

    I think my one protector was just a lemon, other than that they seemed perfect.
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    I'm confused... my NuShield protectors contained contradicting instructions. Does the masked side (with the thin film that must be removed prior to installation) face the LCD screen when installed, or is it the writing side and therefore must face away from the LCD screen? My packaging came with two sets of instructions... one said to install it facing, and the other said to install it face it away
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    I bought these on ebay. They work great and you get a dozen for about $10.

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