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    Doing the Rogers update to 1.12 (from the Rogers Wireless site) has evoked a new error: Sys 0505 (0, 872), thus this new thread. The Updater program is installed on my Treo, but always produces this error when it is run. And the Treo then requires a soft reset to get moving again.

    Also, the message on the pc installation panel is that I didn't Hotsync, but I did.

    These problems happen repeatedly and routinely. I emptied my Treo of all non-native programs before starting the upgrade. At least, I thought I did.

    Are there any other Rogers clients with problems in the update?
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    link us to the update
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    The update for Rogers is not released yet (last one - go figure). The GPRS 1.12 update on the Rogers site is for Treo 180s and 270s. You should read a little more carefully b4 installing stuff.
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    Treo-Mike, you're right about the Rogers upgrade being for earlier models. I didn't pay enough attention in the opening install windows. The same file I downloaded is at where you can see (if you backpeddle to Palmone) it's not for the 600. was the source of the error (Mol said: "Actually, the Rogers firmware is available from their own site here. Select "Handspring Treo Software" from the dropdown list et voila. " Reply #133 on: 3rd Jun at 15:12 ; see also his post here, 06/03/2004, 11:32 AM ) . Real source of error: first-on-the-block syndrome.
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    go to the palmone website and sign on to their service where they will let you know when the rogers update is available. i was surprised you found a rogers update from somewhere and that's why i was asking you to link us.

    it proves a point that most problems that people have with the treos are a result of their own folly. then they blame handspring, palm, palmone and their mom, their uncle and their brother's girlfriend before blaming themselves for a non-functional, frequently crashing, blotched screen and adultrous treo 600. i am not talking about you Galahad - but just in general.
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    nice avatar...

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