I am going crazy because I cannot figure this one out.

I am trying to sync my Lotus Notes email with VersaMail 2.5.1. I have installed everything, and VersaMail is linked with my Notes account - but does not transfer any email to my Treo 600. Informational logging shows nothing that gives any clue to what is going on.

I have the new Sprint 1.2 firmware update loaded with the built in email client. I was wondering if there is a conflict. Should I remove this email client? Even if I wanted to, I don't know what files to remove. It does not show up in the standard Delete... list, and not sure which one(s) should be deleted using FileZ.

I also sync the rest of my Notes (Calendar and ToDo) using EasySync Pro. I have the email sync turned off on EasySync Pro. When I did try it (as my first option), I wasn't able to sync to the built in email client using the EasySync conduit.

Anyone have any ideas? I've exhausted mine and getting very frustrated.