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    I recently purchased a 300 for my wife and am wondering how an SMS message can be sent. I see that they can be received but how do I send them. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The Treo300 does not support SMS out the box. You need a third party app called Treo300SMS:
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    This application works very well. I found it excellent when I used a 300.
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    what does the PDAapps Proxy password mean?? I filled in the others without problems.

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    I have used PDAapps application and it works well. The issue that I have is that as a function of a change that Sprint made last winter, I no longer get sender information. I have spoken with PDAapps and they say that Sprint needs to make a change in their system (see below). Does everyone else have this problem? If so perhaps we could start a petition to Sprint?

    "We've been talking with multiple people in Sprint at multiple levels and have been assured that something is being done about it, but then Sprint is a big company. We've also asked our friends at PalmOne and they will not release a Treo 300 update; instead they want Sprint to fix this issue.

    If you want to organize a petition, we will be more than happy to support you. You may want to use 's Treo 300 forum. Once you collect sufficient number of petitions, we will be happy to put you in touch with people in the Sprint Level 2 support, Network Operations and a senior VP (who are all aware of this issue) to point them to this petition.

    PDAapps support"

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