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    I am having an issue with the latest versions of PocketTunes and OnlyMe. I was wondering whether anyone can see if it happens to them. What happens is that when I have OnlyMe go to "Lock Delay" for a certain amount of time and set my PTunes to turn off the screen after 10 seconds. The screen would turn off but OnlyMe thinks it is powering off and bypasses the Lock Delay. So when I go back to PTunes with the power button, I have to input the code again. This gets annoying after awhile. All the other apps work with the lock delay and have no problems but only PTunes. I emailed the creator of OnlyMe (super guy w/ awesome support) and he doesn't have a Treo to test it. What can I do (beside switching off OnlyMe or keeping PTunes on all the time) to get it to work. Thanks in advance.
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