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    think about it, seldom
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    Here we go again, SeldomVistor/Hengeem. Seldom once wrote that since he couldn't find Treo 600 for sale on the Cingular's website, he came to the conclusion that Cingular didn't carry Treo 600, similiar to his tmobile example above.

    Then try this scenario again, Hengeem, as I had previously mentioned to you. Say that I go to looking to buy some motor oil. Guess what? doesn't carry motor oil! Using your "logic", can I conclude that Walmart no longer sells motor oils? I think the answer is self-evident.
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    Gee, does Cingular sell motor oil?
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    Well said, Parker!

    Above and beyond what Ivan may have said or not said, there are VZW reps out there who are confirming that the device will be available. Granted, I have no credibility as I don't work for VZW but the rep I speak to has said that it is coming and sooner rather than later.

    Seldom: reading too far between the lines. It's just not healthy, man
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    FWIW-> CNBC just reported (4:45pm EST Tuesday) that Verizon will be selling TREO 600's within 2 weeks.
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