I'm looking for a good way to keep my T600 on, but basically ignore everything 'cept a good alarm clock-type software solution that'd play whatever mp3 that I want...

...According to this nice thread that I found, Megaclock is one good alarm clock candidate:

Either that coupled with Lightwave/LookAtMe plus Pocket Tunes might do the alarm/mp3 bit, but I think I need more than just an alarm clock app.

I use Profiles v 0.18 right now to silence everything (no vibration even) when I go to bed; that way, I don't get awakened when calls come in, but the T600 can still log caller-IDs/incoming calls before I wake up.

But it'd be nice to be able to have the phone and other stuff stay silent 'cept for alarms specifically set to wake me up...

Profiles does offer the option to selectively control the tones and volumes for Phone, Mail, Calendar, MMS (which I don't really know what that is...), SMS, and IM.

Maybe the best solution is for Profiles to be written to allow arbitrary categories of applications and we can selectively control the tones/volumes of those categories?

But maybe the Palm OS categorizes all sounds/alerts under those 6 categories, and all apps fall under one or the other of them...

Ideas or suggestions?

=> Shadowhawk