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    Just received the cameraless treo from Sprint. The Hardware is the same, but the camera has been removed (you can tell where it was -- but now there is a plastic panel covering the hole.) The retail box is the same as for the treo 600 with a sticker on top that says "Camera Not Included".

    Basic Info:

    Hardware Revision: C
    Model Number: POTR600NC
    Firmware: 1.2
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    Great, now how long until just the plastic back is available to allow others to "upgrade" to camera-less.

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    Nice...did you get it at a retail store or direct? Love to see some shots of it. I don't want anyone complaining about the camera now.
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    also I think some things are different visually such as what the button says when you get a call on call waiting. Can you tell us what your cameraless Treo says?
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    purchased over the phone from Sprint last week ... it seemed to take a few minutes for the rep. to find. Based on what I read from these forums, when asked who the manufacturer was, I said Palm One ... and I made sure to ask for the Non-Camera version of course.

    Same Price as the Regular Treo (as reported) but this makes sense since companies tend not to find any additional value for the camera ... actually they find more value in the device w/o the camera ...

    Does qualify for the $150 rebate with 2yr activation.

    Again ... the phone looks no different but has a plastic filling same color and feel as the rest of the case where the camera should be. I have tried to take a picture to share what it looks like up close.
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    I am charging the phone for first use ... although I just activated it. As I use it, if I see or notice anything different (my Friend has a Camera Version -- sure we will compare) I will post any findings.

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    Thanks for the shots...keep us updated.
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    For those who seem not to beleive .... here is the picture of the box as desribed in this thread.

    Its sort of Ironic ... I have been waiting several months for this phone to come out, and been keeping myself updated by reading this board. Now that I finally have it in my posession, some people doubt that its for real. Anyway ....

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    The Software and Setup are the same of course ... so when you go to the picture area and press the button to load the camera function, this is what you get ...
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    that's cheap. they could have at least removed the Picture app. that seems as if it may present potential problems.
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    Again ... I haven't used the phone all that much, but I would think that at some time, I might like to have pictures (downloaded or sent to me) and this app provides a way for me to organize these pictures. At the least, it recognizes that it doesn't have a camera (additional proof if people need it) and also, this error message only appears, not when you start the picture app, but when you hit the little camera icon as if you were going to start taking pictures.
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    This is what happens when you let your baby treo play with bb guns! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    This is what happens when you let your baby treo play with bb guns! :-)
    We used to fire BB rifles at plastic ship models in our basement. One time my older brother fired and promptly jerked back with a beautiful round hole in the edge of his glasses - one centimeter more and the glass shatters would have been in his eye rather than on his cheek.

    Fun stuff growing up!

    (that was...ahem...about 40+ years ago when BB guns REALLY fired well...)
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    Hmmm, I wonder if the camera hardware is actually still there under the plastic cover
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    The picture application is still there because Picture Messaging still works on this version. Someone can send you an image or you could have one beamed to you from another cameraphone. In fact, the camera conduit is still in place; you can upload images to the phone using the \transfer folder as usual.
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    You have GOT to be kidding me. They couldn't even clean things up in software so as to prevent an error message from popping up? For that matter, you shouldn't be able to try to take a picture if there's no camera there.

    But here's what really amazes me...They couldn't even come up with a new smoothed out back cover? It took them all this time to basically fill in the camera hole?

    In all seriousness, I think you guys that need this for security reasons may be in for a lot of frustration here. If I was a security guard, I'd want to take a close look at this phone. It sure looks like it's got a camera there, just that the camera hole seems to be covered up with something "temporary." How is someone going to know that this is a truly legitimate straight-from-the-factory cameraless phone as opposed to something an individual hobbled together to make it look like it doesn't have a camera? Are all of these secure facilities going to have to train their security staff in all of the details of the latest palmOne product line?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Since the list price is the same for the two versions, with or without a camera, does this prove that the camera is "worthless" like many have been claiming?
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    Has anyone tried to do a trade with a Sprint store? I'd like to trade mine in for a non-camera model if I could. It's already been a hassle in some county buildings, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Larch
    Has anyone tried to do a trade with a Sprint store? I'd like to trade mine in for a non-camera model if I could. It's already been a hassle in some county buildings, etc.
    I'll trade you a Treo 300 for it. It doesn't have a camera.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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