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    On my Treo 600, I would like to send a few SMS messages that are longer than the 167 characters.

    I know there is a program called MaxText. It is about $27 which seems a little hi.

    ARe there any other programs that WORK WELL ON THE TREO 600 for sending long SMS messages rather than using bothering with the Email app?

    Thank you for any suggestions?
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    which carrier do you use?

    not sure if it makes any different thou.
    I can type a long msg > 140 characters and it automatically split into multiple msgs. is it what you are looking for?

    i do not have any apps for it. it just does out of the box.
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    VERY interesting ... I tried and it did AUTOMATICALLY break it up into different messages. I wonder if my recipients will know to decipher the weird messages .... or if I should find a utility that sends messages greater than 167 characters from the SMS app.
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    what version of the SW do u have?
    i heard after the upgrade to 1.12, the msg won't auto-split anymore. it stuck with the pre-set length of characters.

    but again when it sends out as multiple msgs, the receipents would look at the last msg first.
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    Mobile networks deal with SMS messages in different ways but the basic fact about SMS as a protocol standard is that the message length is 160 characters. The destination phone number is part of that 160 character overhead.

    Not all mobile networks support the feature which allows a long (>160 character) message to be Split and re-assembled at the recipients end. It takes network support and also a handset with software that knows about this feature.

    The reason palmOne dropped the >160 character limit on Sprint is because Sprint SMS does not support the long message re-assembly on its network. You will always receive two or more separate messages at the receiving end. It looks messy especially on handsets other than Treo 600.
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    Download Texter... available in the download pages of - it removes the 160 char limit. However, with the current version, the SMS prefs cause a soft reset. Win some, lose some
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    if you are at GSM network and the recepient phone is not older than 1-2 years, there is very high probability that everything will be OK. Sprint is an exception due to the fact that it is CDMA.

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