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    How are you protecting your data in case treo gets lost?
    I used to use ReadThis! to encrypt selected text, and it had a desktop companion tool.
    Looked at many free and $ options but all seemed to encrypt data in it's own app instead of within memo fields of datebk and addressbk, etc.
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    OnlyMe for top level lock-out, and then the free version of SplashID that came with the Treo for passwords, account numbers, etc..

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    I need a quick clarification.

    I was thinking about purchasing SplashID today (as PalmGear has it on sale) after trying it out on my Treo that was supposed to come in today.

    Unfortunately, Verizon sent me a Samsung i600, and the Treo won't arrive until tomorrow (hopefully). So now I either have to buy the program ($15) without trying it or wait until tomorrow (or possibly Friday) and buy it ($30) after trying it.

    What's the difference between the free version that comes with the Treo?

    What other free apps come with the Treo?

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