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    How are you protecting your treo 600?
    I considering
    1) barebones/slimmest - screen protector and egrips
    2) slim - case with full pliable plastic cover over front
    3) more protection - case with flip cover over front
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    1) barebone

    i keep it in my front left leg pocket. have had no problems thus far.
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    krusell case without the face plastic protector (the seller did not mention about it and the picture looked like it had the plastic).
    plan to get another krusell case with the full face plastic from
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    Screen protector only...
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    screen protector only.
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    Just a screen protector.

    Had it since they day they came out. Carry it everyday in my front pocket. Not even a scratch.
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    i use the piel fiema case for more protection. i hardly notice it in my pocket.
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    Just a screen protector (Boxwave) and I keep the Seidio 2-in-1 in the same pocket. No worries.
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    Boxwave screen protector only.
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    Barebone - Nothing on it since it shipped on day 1. I do make sure that the screen faces my leg though - just incase.
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    barebone, left front pocket w/ screen protector, 4 months and counting
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    I carry my Treo in my front pants pocket, facing my leg. I have no screen protector. Not a scratch since I got it. The same with my old Treo 180.
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    Guess I'm a suspenders and belt kinda guy.

    Screen protector and I keep it in the metal Innopocket case.
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    just ordered the Boxwave from

    it is EXPENSIVE. but oh well, gotta to give the best for my Treo600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geezlouise14
    How are you protecting your treo 600?

    1) barebones/slimmest - screen protector and egrips
    That's it: boxwave & egrips. Haven't had any problems for 6+ months.

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    purplemoo screen protector only. In my front pants pocket, no worries, no problems since I got it in early March.
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    Boxwave only. Sometimes I do carry it in the leather belt clip case it came with though.
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    Boxwave protector only and keep in my left front pants pocket. No problems so far *knock on wood* except for the occassional SD card (512mb panasonic) ejecting partially.
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    I equiped it with Boxwave and eGrips. Carry in my right front pocket. Since I dress left all balance out and i look fine...
    The Toad
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