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    Sorry I didn't get here sooner. Let me know if I can help you guys out with your screen protector choice making, or clarify any questions or concerns you have about Cleartouch.

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    I have the Martin Fields and egrips and like the combo in my front pocket but my screen cracked after three months. I think I had the screen facing out or had something else in my pocket. Not sure if I will continue with the bare way.
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    Mine lives in my pants pocket. It has a screen protector, not so much for the pocket but to make the skin oil easy to get rid of.

    I have found that bits of lint get caught in the sync/charger socket fairly often, and this requires some diligent effort with a business card or folded piece of paper to extract. A couple of the larger lint balls were big enough to prevent the cables from latching securely, although none of them stopped the cables from functioning.

    My Treo also wears a couple of colored stick-on dots, because there are SO MANY Treos in my office that confusion is inevitable. (I've also got a coiuple of big yellow ones on my laptop, after some !@#R% security droid at the SFO screening station actually handed mine to someone else in error...)
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    Front left pocket with metal flip open case for the last 2.5 months...........Just got my 2nd replacement (total 3). First one the earpiece went out the 2nd the vibrate quit working. I am not real happpy so far.
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    I love the treo 600 javo-skin. I ordered the bundle with the screen and it is great as well! It is somewhat sticky but I love the fact i can set it on my dash and not have it slide away. Not bad in pocket either. Typing is improved now as i use my finger nails anyway. Get it! BTW the slot on the back is NOT for a is for a belt clip stick on to go underneath, if your in to those kinda of things.

    Some one needs to get this product on PalmOnes site to let people know about it.

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    Screen Protector, Covertec Form Fit Case with plastic cut away all around.
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    I carry my Treo bare in my pocket in the cooler months. Don't want salt from my sweat to leach in and destroy it. In the summer I carry it bare in a clip on case from Home depot. I hate screen protectors, ripped off the Fellowes write right protector within minutes of installing it because it blurred the screen badly.
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    barebone, get the replacement program and if it breaks pay $25 bucks for a new one or even better model if one is available? basically $25 upgrade program
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    proClip & egrip!!

    im the fastest treo on the east coast!!!
    ohio state SUCKS!! & michigan state will never measure up!
    p.s. lakers SUCK too!! GO PISTONS!!
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