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    Anyone with a GSM account with T-Mobile ever have problems making or recieving phone calls suddenly? Just this morning (no warning or previous problems) and all day suddenly I am not able to make or receive calls...though about 1 out of 20 or so will work.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Never had this problem, but first thing I'd try is power the phone all the way off then back on again. If that doesn't help, call T-Mobile and see if there's a network outage in your area?
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    It's happened to me here in Houston, but it has only occurred a couple of times. When it did, I was driving. My suspicion is that it has to do with crossing network coverage (thus the problem only occurring while I'm driving).

    When this problem hit me, I held down a key assigned to a particular number and it "dialed" the number (no tone though) and then just go reverted back to the phone screen. Then I tried manually dialing the number- same problem Then I attempted to dial other numbers. No luck. This went on for about 20 minutes (even tried a soft reset to no avail), and then all of a sudden the phone began working again. Very strange.
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    It started working again yesterday evening....that was frustrating. I am on a call back from T-Mobile support, hopefully they will call and can figure out what caused it.
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    I have this sometimes in California on Cingular - you make a call and you get no connection and go back to dialpad. It's 100% a network issue probably related to local network outages or maintenance. I get the same effect on a Nokia handset.

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