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    I am using the portable keyboard (model G740-001) with driver (version 1.1 build 1007) and Documents to Go with my T-Mobile Treo 600. When I am typing in Quickword Premier (which came with the device; v. 7.1.56) the portable keyboard stops working. I turn the Treo off and back on and usually it starts working again only to stop a few moments later. Today the Treo even reset itself.

    Is anyone else having issues with the portable keyboard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks....
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    Sorry I can't help you. I'm not using the portable keyboard because the treo does a soft reset every time I hit the "on" button after opening portable keyboard from the applications launcher. Anyone else having this problem? I've only had the problem since loading the v1.2 software update. Before that, the keyboard was a champ. Help. I miss it.
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    I have the same keyboard and have similar issues. Mine will lag way behind, sometimes seems like it locks up then all of a sudden it is working.
    I should have known this! I bought the same keyboard last year with a different connector for a Sony Clie and it was just as quirky. They kept working on the drivers but never really got there. Thinkoutside's keyboards are the best. Hopefully Thinkoutside will develop one for the Treo. While I love the built in keyboard for its intended use, it is too limited for extended typing.
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    I was afraid that others might be experiencing issues with the keyboard. I moved to the Treo from a Tungsten C where I enjoyed the use of a ThinkOutside keyboard. It was very reliable.

    I tried to download a different driver since posting this message. It is available at Palmgear and is called Belkin G700/Logitech Typeaway Keyboard Unofficial driver/OS5. Unfortunately, I was not able to get it to work with the Treo. Thanks for the response.
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    If I remember correctly these are / were Belkin Keyboards. When I had trouble with the Clie driver I think a group of us were working with someone in Tiawan.
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    I'm using the portable keyboard with the 1.1 driver. I have not had any problems at all. OTOH, I have only used it with text files, e-mail, web browsers and utility programs.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    Yeah, I've had NO problems with memo pad and other built-in apps. Have only had stability issues with Docs-to-Go - and sometimes that works great and other times it doesn't... But overall I'm a pretty happy camper with the keyboard.
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    Just for contrast, using the Palm Wireless Keyboard with the Treo 600 gives great results with Docs-to-Go. Stable and no problematic keypress lag.

    The only problem I've encountered is that the keyboard driver sometimes turns itself on, which becomes noticable because the built-in keyboard starts making double-clicks instead of single. The problem with the driver turning on is that the IR port becomes active, which is a major battery drain.

    There always seems to be some sort of quirk or another.
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    You said you had a Tungsten C before the Treo. I have seen a cheap T/C here in the UK I am thinking of buying along side my Treo (I love my Treo too much to give it up!) Can you tell me how you found it, maybe compared to the Treo if that is possible. Do you think the two could compliment each other at all?
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    The Tungsten C offered a hi-res screen, considerable memory, and wi-fi. I never found the wi-fi to be that useful given the lack of hot spots in my area. It was only useful in my home using my wireless network. The screen might benefit you for photos or reading books. Otherwise the Treo has been a fine replacement. I have an SD card to help bring me up to the amount of memory that I had with the Tungsten C. Hope this helps.
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    I just updated to the most recent release (a dot release from the version that was shipped with my Treo) of Docs2Go today. Perhaps it will help with the stability problems.
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    EKIM - You mentioned that you wish Thinkoutside made a keyboard for the Treo 600. I contacted the company who stated that their wireless keyboard supports the Treo 600. Here is their response & link:

    Yes, our IR Wireless Keyboard is compatible with your device.

    Thanks for your interest in Think Outside Stowaway Keyboards

    Think Outside Inc

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