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    I cancelled the $19.99 unlimted internet from T-mobile about a month ago..

    I have been able to get all of my pop3 mail through snappermail anyway, and webbrowsing... (non-secure sites only) has been working perfectly. Also, it really is free, I havn't had to pay a cent for it.... VERY cool.

    I know that AOL for Palm will not work with only the free tZones, but has anyone gotten chatter or verichat to work?

    please help me out.

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    i have the tzone pro (grandfathered) and it does not work with aol aim. wanted to sign up for internet plan but seems it is a waste of money trying to get on aim only.
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    E-mail verichat support for the version of verichat that works with t-zones. I think that it uses port 80 so that it will work. I have a grandfathered t-zones ($2.99) and it works just fine except for the fact that my GPRS keeps dropping on me.
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    one thing is i need to pay a fee to verichat to use their server.

    man.. tough decision. hehe

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