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    This morning I experienced something weird with my treo. It keeps resetting and will not stay in wireless mode. When it resets the top left corner of the unit simply says "Wireless Mode OFF"

    I've tried hard resets and soft resets to no avail.

    When I activate the wireless mode, as soon as I try to make a phone call, after 1 ring, it will reset my palm and give me "wireless mode off" on top of the screen.

    Anyone experience this problem? Here's the kicker, I have a Sprint treo600 converted to Verizon network and so no insurance or warranty. Phone has been working flawlessly for last 3 months, I have not installed anything since that time.

    The past few days my friend has been playing Nesem like no tomorrow on my phone, and I hate to think his rapid button presses could have messed up the wireless chip in my phone.
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    i feel sorry foryou. if i were you, i would contact palmone for a replacement.
    lately i noticed my phone shows "no network" or no service. i think i might have talked on the phone for too long and overheat it? but then, it could be receiption at home was not too good.

    not sure, but i only have had my phone for < 2 months.
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    im going to try to contact palmone, but what the heck are they gonna think when they find out my phone has been converted to Verizon's network?
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    not sure what u mean by converted to verizon's network?

    i use GSM. sorry for being dumb. not sure what kind of network does Verizon use. (CDMA or GSM)?

    did you buy the phone originally from PalmOne or Verizon?
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    I had similar symptoms with my Sprint CDMA T600. Make a calll, get the network search and often reset. Finally smoked the whole thing and hard reset the device to rid all of the software in the ram. Then reinstalled everything and finally the Wireless is fine. Make sure you get rid of your backup folder on your PC if you do this since you will likely restore the corrupted phone app data base files if you hotsync after your hard reset....

    Good Luck or get palm to replace your device
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    These all sound like the Network Search issue. See

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    well suddenly today it works flawlessly again. I'll read into the network search issue.

    "3. Network Search. Due to a hardware failure of the battery connector, a small number of units will encounter a "Network Search" mode when the user is either attempting to make an outgoing call or when the user is on a call and the call drops. This experience is coupled with a low battery condition and/or low service coverage. A fix has been rolled into both new production and the repair and reconditioning process to address this battery connector failure. All ESNs between 09600716001 - 09600864216 that experience this issue will be covered under the standard warranty."

    my ESN falls between those numbers... HRMmmmm....

    I just hope I never have this problem again, wow what a scare.

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