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    I have a SprintPCS CDMA Treo.

    Can a developer make an app for free or for sale that suppresses the pop up dialog alerts for the following:

    1) Missed calls- you MUST tap a button to clear the dialog off the screen
    2) Voice mails- you MUST tap a button to clear the dialog off the screen- happens only when receiving the first unheard voicemail. Subsequent voicemails while you already have unheard voicemails do not cause the dialog.

    I want them to either be supressed entirely or alloed to pop up for 30 seconds maybe and then be 'auto-tapped' at their focus button and/or sent to the Alert Manager Treo function.

    Ideas? Developers?
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    What about pressing the center button to get the dialogs to go away? There is a focus (blue shadow) on the button.
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    I know that.

    I want them to be supressed from coming up in the first place. OR having some kind of new app automatically 'press' the OK to get it to go away.

    I dont want them on my screen- most alerts show and then go to the Alert Manager,but not the voicemail or missed calls.
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    There used to be an app for the Treo300 that did this called PBJTime. It used to work in conjuction with Treohelper where Treohelper would automatically delete and copy select sms alerts according to 'triggers' you specify and then paste them to the PBJTime clipboard. You could then review PBJtime sms log when ever you wanted and not be hassled by dialo boxes, It was a very cool app alas the dev never ported it to the Treo600...
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    You may want to check out an app called TreoButler. (although I think it's just called "Butler" now) To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if it will do what you want. But I know it allows for quite a bit of customization to the Treo alerts, which should include voicemail and missed call alerts. If nothing else, the developer is pretty responsive and may want to explore your request. I think his screen-name here is ConfusedVorlon.
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    Yeah... those dialog boxes are a pain. Many times I've missed a call late at night or gotten a voicemail and never noticed, and as long as that dialog box is up my phone can't do anything else (such as turn off wireless mode at the time I normally have it set for). I end up having to deal with it the next day at the expense of battery life. There needs to be an automatic "OK" of some sort.

    Butler is more of a nag reminder to alert you of missed things, it won't make them go away.
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    bump, anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by experiment626
    bump, anyone?
    BuzzOff can suppress your SMS notification but not missed calls or voicemail. it shouldnt be too difficult to add this feature.
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    smiley88- good news. If you can add this to Buzzoff, I will definitely buy it. Send me a beta to try at Needs to work with SprintPCS config of the Treo.
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    Same deal for me. Is the SMS suppression configurable, i.e. I can suppress the notification based on certain text in the SMS message?

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