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    In the next week or so, I hope to replace my old Win98, 400 MHz computer with a new Medion from BJs (I don't remember the stats except that it's an XP, but a heck of a lot better than what I currently have!)

    I'm looking at software (like Aloha Bob's "PC Relocator) to transfer the contents of one machine onto the other. But wanted to hear from other people who have done this, especially with the HotSync manager, and all the conduits I have. I also use Intellisync to connect my calendar/address book/etc. to Yahoo services. I'd like to make the transformation with as little stress to my Treo (and myself!) as possible.


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    I've never used a relocation program, always been to skeptical. If you do I'd be very interested in hearing what the result is.
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    I would just remove your hard drive and stick it in your new computer then you are sure to have everything. And it is usually a pretty good idea to re-install all programs.

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