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    I'm considering buying some ebooks, but for the same price, I'd almost rather have a paper hard copy.

    Can someone tell me if they like ebooks more than paper copies and if the reading experience is really what its claimed to be?
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    I rather like it. I don't like that there is a narrower range of books available, but to be able to carry literally hundreds of books with you is VERY convenient. I'm not normally a big reader, but it makes it so easy to read while you are stuck in traffic or whatever. Also I bought the "classics" pak from and it has like 900 classic books that i guarantee would have been pretty pricey to in hard or softcover, plus, where would you put them??? I think they are "public domain" perhaps, but the collection is conveninetly on 1 cd or 4 large downloads. With the palm reader you can change the font size, do autoscrolling (to force you to pay attention..) put in bookmarks, etc. I really like it. Good luck.
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    Have you looked into Audible? For me, audio books are the Treo's killer app. Sign up with a subscription, and your per-book cost drops to $10 - more expensive than paperback and e-books, but substantially cheaper than hardbacks or CD's.

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    I enjoy the e-book thing. It is great to be able to read a bit during a break. I have about 20 on my SD card and routinely hit the sites for new releases. Ben
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    you can check the sites below - all of them have free eBooks for handhelds. You can also find some relatively cheap eBooks on Handango (for 1-2-3 bucks each).
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    I agree with hypesteve, for the money I'd prefer an old fashioned paperback. The ebooks I go for tend to be public domain, memoware is my main source of free books.
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    You could get the Adobe Palm Reader and get eBooks that way. I've read a few books this way and it's a great method. It remembers your page which is always useful!

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    I use Tibr, Tiny Book Reader with Ebooks. I lov e it! And you can find lot of ebooks in the public domain on news groups. I have a collection of thousands, and keep 20 to 50 books on the Treo all the time. (I have a 1 gb sd card)
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    Free eBooks also at:

    I use MobiPocket (free version) - Like DRMRW said, it's very handy to have a book with you at all times, just in case.
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    Is there anyplace to buy used ebooks? Or is this even possible? I thought you could download in .mp3 format so theoretically couldn't I sell mine (or swap it w\ someone else) when I'm done with it. Just asking.

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