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    Just back form vacation.

    Took pictures with my Sony digital camera that I would like to email to someone but I didn't bring my laptop.

    Does anybody know if there a converter out there that can use the SD Card slot to convert the sony memory stick (without a computer/laptop)?

    I know there are card readers out there but do you need a computer for all of them?

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    I have been thinking about this also. But I have a digital camera that uses SmartMedia. I just wanted a way to email the photos home so I can empty my memory card. Instead of buying one of those portable drives or bringing my laptop.

    Perhaps I will just buy a new digital camera that takes SD cards and save the hassle.
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    The only adapter I have ever seen that allows you to use 1 memery type in place for another is a MS/MSPRO/SM/SD to Compact Flash adapter

    What I did is just beam the JPG files using my Clie. A friend of mine has IR on his camera and he beamed my T600 a couple of pics he took with his camera.
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