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    I have ATTWS, upgraded my the software......I get a better signal on my treo now, but the buzz is worst. After more than 3 weeks of people cussing me out and not enjoying my sad attempt at humor and asking "You don't like my treo bee?", I broke down and got a Nokia 6200.

    I love my treo600. It's an awesome Palm still, but the voice function is very disappointing. I love my new Nokia, getting used to predictive text again, but I can make calls anywhere on ATTWS GSM America, no buzz, so no grief.

    Anybody else out there that's reverted the treo to just a PDA again?

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    I did the same a couple of months ago, going for a SonyEricsson T610 and a Tungsten T|3. I got fed up of the low quality telephone in the Treo and of the difficulty faced in doing upgrades (simply because every upgrade, even PDA upgrades, need to be cleared with the operators). It worked really well, with Bluetooth doing a great job of making the two devices act as one.

    However, about a month ago, I went back to the Treo. I had become so used to having one device which can do it all and missed the keyboard (I tend to use my Treo as my main email device whenever travelling... I could not replicate that with the Tungsten, even with an external keyboard).

    So, I'm still annoyed by the phone, I now miss Bluetooth more than ever, but the Treo worked out to be just that little bit more convenient.

    Hehe... I may have a different story next month (especially if the problems with the current update aren't fixed quickly).


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