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    I bought a Treo 180g on ebay for travel so I wouldn't have to take two devices. I really like it but going back to monochrome is harder than I thought, especially during light conditions that put you squarely between regular light and the inverse backlight. Has anyone ever heard of someone replacing a monochrome screen with a color one? I don't know the compatibility issues but since many have upgraded memory chips in pda's, it makes me wonder if it's possible. I can't stand those thumbpads! Is anyone else disappointed that later color models abandoned graffiti only? Also, has anyone else come across a hack for the backlight turning on during incoming calls? God - it's annoying in the daytime!
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    Because I tried to (unsuccessfully) put a 270 screen in a 180, I know it doesn't work - at least, I couldn't get it to work. The PCB's are actually different.

    Even if it could be done, your problems will start with the fact that HS never made a colour 180g so you wouldn't be able to source a screen...

    As for Graffiti, personally, I never liked it and for me, the best thing to ever happen to PalmOS devices is the thumb-board. Saying this, I have Graffiti Anywhere installed on my 600, just in case I want cramp

    Have a search around - I believe there is something to manage the backlight on a per-application basis.

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