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    I live in Hawaii so shipping cost is a major issue, especially when buying $3 parts!

    I'm looking for a single place to buy:
    treo 600 stylus/pen that fits in the treo
    g2 screen protector

    Thanks in advance!
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    Places to checkout, but I can't vouch for any of them, since I haven't made a purchase from any of them.
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    Do you have any friends or family in the continential US? If I were you I think the most feasible option would be to ship the products to them, and then they could package them as well as possible to ship to Hawaii. It would still be an expensive solution (I despise even $5 shipping costs added onto $30 orders, I don't know what pain I'd go through if I were in your situation), but this might be your best bet.

    Also I'd check ebay to see if you can find a Treo accessories vendor that either sells all three, or could accomodate your special needs if you asked them to buy/sell you an item they normally don't.

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