I am a journalist and writer and often need to record phone conversations with people (with their permission of course). Now that I'm using my Treo 180 a lot, I want to record phone calls I make on it -- either on the phone itself or to a PC.

Now I've seen a bit of discussion about recording calls with the Treo 600 and commercial 'audacity' software, but the software isn't designed for the 180. Does anybody have any experience recording calls on/with the 180?

It must be possible somehow. The Treo is processing audio signals. Maybe you could...

1) get an adapter that converts the Treo's unique headphone jack to the standard 2.5 mm cell phone headphone jack, for example

2) then use this radio shack device to route an audio signal to an external recorder (such as a laptop) -- http://tinyurl.com/ywtyc -- while you talk on a standard non-treo headset

I think this would work, but it's inelegant. If anyone can tell me if this will work, or think of a better idea, I'd like to hear it.