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    Since I upgraded to the official Cingular firmware I've had a ton of issues. A lot of incoming calls don't ring, but go straight to voicemail even when I have full signal strength. And if I enter numbers too quickly, like when entering my voice mail PIN, the Treo drops the call. This has become especially frustrating in light of problem #1.

    So the question stands. Is there any way for me to downgrade the firmware back?
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    I also had issues with the update. basically the touchscreen wouldn't work at all.
    I was advised to backup the Treo, then so a hard reset. (Hold the power button down while you use the Reset button on the back of the phone.
    This wipes out all the data, as if the phone was brand new out of the box.
    Then sync the phone again to restore all your data. You can then upgrade the 'new' phone to whatever Firmware version was working best for you previously.

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    I am experiencing issues with my updated GSM Treo as well. So the question is: where can I find and 'updater' to restore my original (Handspring) firmware?
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    It should be on your original disc supplied with the Treo. As a last resort, you can always go back to the original Firmware on the original disc. By doing that, you can be sure that the phone will be fully functional, & after backing everything up again, you can try to install the 'Rest of the World' ROM update available on the PalmOne website.
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    Huh? firmware for the phone doesn't come on the disc, it came pre-installed on your phone and don't think there's any way to go back to it.

    From your other thread

    It sounds like it's not the phone but the network..but you could get a backup program to back up all your third party software, hard reset, then restore things one by one. Chances are the third party software isn't causing the problem though...
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    Looks like you all are right.

    Must have been a network problem after all. Such a coincidence that the network started playing up at the same time as my switch to the new firmware.

    Switched networks and now working most of the time. (Also got a new unit, but that's a different story.)
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    Assuming you have an earlier firmware update, you cannot directly downgrade. You must first use Token Writer to set the version to a lower number with the command: write revn=1.0 Then apply the earlier version firmware updater you want.


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