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    Sorry All, Everyone began at the bottom.

    I have a 2 part question:

    1) Is there any software that allows you to dump emails into your storage card ?

    2) What software allows you to accept invites from MS Outlook 2000.

    I did a search, had no luck
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    1) seems only attachment can be stored in SD card. (wish palm has the function like PPC.)

    2) accept invites from MS outlook 2000? you just need to click "accept" on the invitation from MS outlook 2000. at least it is how i do.
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    Thanks for reply, hope palm comes out with an app that allows you to send inbox to card. I travel often and don't always have the ability to boot up my laptop to accept invites. If there is a way to get invites on the Treo.
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    Look at KeySuite from Chapura ( It allows you to replicate Outlook exactly in your handheld, and I believe I remember seeing something recently about the ability to accept meeting invitations in the latest release.
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    Snappermail let's you store mail on your card if I'm not mistaken. There is a new version due any day now with IMAP support.
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    The new version of Snapper will let you store mail on the card. The current one doesn't.

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