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    Hey everyone. I'm a brand new treo 600 owner and I've been in and out of the forums as a guest. There's a lot of helpful advice and I want to thank everyone for helping me get started with my treo. I recently downloaded MMPlayer and used virtualdub. I followed these instructions: which I found in these forums. It says the bitrate should be 128kbps. For some reason, when I play the video in MMPlayer, there's always a performance warning that pops up often that says my bitrate is too high. After decreasing it to 96kbps, the warnings continue to pop up. I have read that other people have been able to view videos at 128kbps smoothly. I have 0.2.9 installed. Any help would be great. Thanks!!
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    I usually watch at 128 with no problems... I think I just disabled the warnings, but the actual performance isn't affected. Warnings are for sissies.
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    Not only does the warning come on but the video and audio actually freezes. Then the video clip restarts. Sometimes when I fast forward and ignore the warnings, the video freezes and the audio continues, and then there is an audio lag. For some reason I can't run 128 smoothly.

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