I got mine in April 2004 (brown ostrich) and is holding up pretty well, a few minor stuff like:

* SD section of flip, real estate slightly above it and ear portion is starting to show black sumdges (something to do with they keyboard and 4 app buttons?)
* edges of case (wax?) are starting to peel
* top of case (2 inches below attenna) is starting to show a black line
* some of the stiches are starting to unravel, (Just once.)

Just the other day, I didn't have my Vaja on my belt firmly enough and I droped my Treo. D'Oh! Expecting the worse. I picked up my Treo, opned the snap, and found that my Treo was unscathed, though I did get a small nick in the case. (You can hardly see it.) For the money I paid for the case ($100), it's a good investment. (I just couldn't put thwe Treo in my pocket.)

Anybody recommend any good leather protectors/creams, (brown) shoe polish, etc. to making these cases look almost brand new?