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    I got a email today that TreoSelect was updated. So I got it sent to my Treo and installed it. I ended up with NOTreoSelect what-so-ever, no new version and no old. So in the end I restored my information on my Treo because I really wanted some version of TreoSelect back on it. I got the old version back, but now Docs To Go keeps reseting my Treo everytime I try and open it! I had this sitting on another SD card and thought reinstalling it should solve the problem, but alas no!

    Does anyone have any ideas why my perfectly good Treo has suddenly stuffed up?

    Any ideas?

    Man am I upset about this...
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    The settings for TST have been moved to Prefs. I was confused by that too. I searched my applications list many times before I thought to look in Prefs,
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    I did the same thing. The documention explains the change.
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    There are now at least 3 threads on TST going right now. What do you say we all keep our comments, questions and issues to the original one?

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