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    I bought a car charger on ebay that said it was an OEM car charger. The one I received does not have a CE mark on it, and it looks slightly different from the pictures of chargers I've seen on Handspring's website. Does anyone know if all OEM T600 car chargers have a CE mark on it?

    Normally, I wouldn't care, but I've seen some posts about problems with non-oem chargers affecting batteries. Since I'm using my T600 on Verizon, I pretty much have no warranty. Thus, I try to be extra careful about such things.

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    I have the same question - the charger I bought was advertised as OEM Handspring, but the item delivered does not have any branded logos etrc. It also does not have a CE sticker. The charger does look identicle to the one pictured on the slip included with my phone with the car charger warning - but looks completely different from the one currently offered by Handspring.

    Could somebody post a picture of the car charger known not to work?
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    You guys should refer to the following link with pic:

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    Thank you gfunk - I appreciate the link andI'll proceed with caution. Fortunately the charger I bought looks like the one on the left (in the link) - do you know if the problematic ones were really distinctly different looking?

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