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    my treo was dropped from my hand while i was sitting in a chair. so it fell maybe three feet to a carpeted floor. it works, but i've noticed one major problem and a second smaller problem. documents-to-go just won't work anymore. whenever i attempt to use that program now my treo resets. that never was an issue before. now for the larger problem. there is a black triangle across the screen. no data or image there. i have to scroll to see that part of the image or read the text that would otherwise be seen on that part of the screen. i'm assuming the screen is broken. i thought that was not supposed to happen to a treo from a minor fall.

    So, help me out, what do i do for a broken treo. how is it fixed?


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    So far I have not seen a business that would offer screen repair or replacement. There may be some resourceful users who could have done the fix out of other damage units.

    The only other alternative is to claim it under insurance if you have one.
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    Lockline insurance is your best bet for having your Treo replaced.

    Once you insure your phone with them, you must wait 30 days before you can file your claim and the deductible is $35.
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