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    I just saw this on the PalmAddict blog:

    I just ran across a great deal on (which I just discovered, and is a really cool site!) Handango is offering $5 off any order using code F425D4D. This deal expires 7/31/04. It's worth taking a look!

    - Jan, Deputy Editor US, (Alpine, UT, USA)
    I tried it and it works - got Sun Tzu's The Art Of War eBook and some other minor stuff for free.
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    Worked for me BackupMan for $5 (after $5 discount) !
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    Thanks Nachon for the great heads up. Got myself a good deal too!
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    THANK YOU FOR THE TIP! Just got Pocket Tunes Deluxe for $19.95.

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    Dang. I filled out a Handango survey last month for a free $5 coupon this month. I thought I was special. I thought I had a leg up on everybody. A few days ago they sent me my special, one-of-a-kind coupon to reward my heartfelt participation--coupon code #F425D4D. Dang!
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    Wow... $5 discount is a great deal! You basically can get Bob's Alarm clock for free. I'm gonna have to search around Handango and take advantage of this awesome deal. Thanks for lookin' out, nachon!!
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    got gif startup for $6! good stuff!
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    Thanks! I just got Hold Em for $3.95.
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    Just tried it and got, "Promotion code has been used too many times."
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    They must of caught on to us!
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    Quote Originally Posted by procure
    Just tried it and got, "Promotion code has been used too many times."
    Well, I'm glad I decided to use the code yesterday, then! I got Lightwav for 11.95!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psykik
    Worked for me BackupMan for $5 (after $5 discount) !
    me too. LOL !!!
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    I waited too long. Doh!!
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    Bummer, I was demoing OnlyMe to make sure I wanted it. PalmGear is having a 15% off sale, but they don't sell OnlyMe. Hope they don't close it out either! (I think it ends June 15th)

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    That sucks! I was planning on ordering BackupMan last night and forgot.
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    Did not work for me. Says: "Promotion code has been used too many times."

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