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    Back in the Handera days, there was a useful hack, actually a DA that rotated the screen. I believe there were a couple other similar hacks for OS4 and under.

    But I want to use my Treo 600 with the Palm/ThinkOutside portable IR keyboard, and the most practical position is sideways. It's a hell of a strain on my neck right now, and I'd like to find a solution that will rotate the Treo screen so it is stable in this lightweight but workable keyboard.

    Any ideas about an OS5 compatible solution (other than the Tungsten DIAs unless you have found them to work on the Treo)?
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    I have been looking for weeks... everything I found only supports earlier Palm OS. I wonder if there are some hardware constraints on the 600 that prevent rotation ?

    Does anyone know of a solution, there is a real need with the keyboards.
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    From TealPoint Software:


    A good idea, but unfortunately, I don't think this is possible to do from third party software. The only way one could do this universally would be to hook into the system underneath the PalmOS drawing and interface routines the way PalmOne did on the T3. This is why the menus, buttons, and other OS-drawn interface items are not rotated even when in TealDoc's rotated mode.


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