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    will they update my 270 to a 600
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    My 300 got to the point that it would never roam except at times when I was on the sprint network, and the store was a joke, so I called sprint, told them my sob story, they told me I was getting a 600, I asked for a samsung i500 instead (Sorry but I need analog roaming, didnt know the treo didnt have it untill I got it) they said fine and that is what I have now, but they did offer me the 600 right off the bat.
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    I got a 600 "upgrade" from Sprint too. Good thing I had "insurance" .. my 300 developed a "spot" on the screen. Sprint cound't fix it .. so they ordered a 300 replacement (cost me $10 deductible) ..

    Went to Sprint to pu the new (re-furbished 300) .. but they couldn't get it to work .. so after an hour .. they offered a 600 instead. Now just getting used to it.
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    i just had a cracked flip lid. i only had to pay $10 at the store (which was billed to my account) my 600 will be here on thursday.........cant wait.
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    I don't know how you guys have had such good luck getting an upgrade. Sprint totally screwed me on my plan. They signed me up for a $59.99 a month 700 minute fair and flexible family plan and 1 week later realized they made a mistake and gave me a 800 minute $79.99/month without notifying me. After seeing my bill which happened to be after the grace period, I called them and ended up speaking to someone at the help desk who in so many other ways told me there was nothing they could do for me. I said I wanted a free upgrade to a 600 from my current 300 to make up for the $480 they added to my 2 year contract without telling me. They said that they could not accomodate my request due to the fact that the original plan would have caused me to pay more because my second phone wasn't covered under the $59.99 plan. How's about that for poor customer service. I guess I spoke to the wrong person, huh.
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    Call and raise holy Cain. Keep raising Cain until they listen to you & DO something. If you are a thorn in their side until you get satisfied, they will do something.
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    My approach would be to come back at them witha competitor's offer. I have had better ick dealing with brick and mortar "all carrier" store sas the carriers get a little more aggressive with the deals they offer when a slaseman can turn around and offer a competitor's product. I have yet to have a B&M store even bring up a 2 year contract and I have had car phones since the early 1980's (My first looked like the black MaBell thing you saw at grandmas house). With a one year contract, you can bounce back and forth between providers if they don't wanna match the "new customer" incentives the other guys are offering.

    My contract w/ "Tingular" ends on February 3, 2006 and if I want the Treo 670 or whatever they call it then if I see a better deal elsewhere, I'll tell Tingular to match it or lose me. For example, the two phone deal w/ 850 minutes is $69.98 with Tingular. Sprint matches the price but gives ya 50 less minutes....though you are saying now $79.99 (or does that include a 3rd phone ?)

    I'm probably gonna knock my plan (4 phones) down to 650 minutes soon as I have over 2000 rollover minutes stored up
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    I called and raised cain, and I was told that they gave me credit on the overages "that I shouldn't have been charged anyway" and there was nothing else they could do for me. I talked to 4 different people and ended up with four different stories. I am in the retail business and if I treated a customer like I have been treated I would be fired in a heartbeat. To cancel my membership it would cost me $300, and I can't afford that, so I will serve out my sentence until December 7th, 2006 and then I'll tell them to go @#$% themselves. I did gaurentee that anytime someone asked me how I liked Sprint, I would do everything in my power to turn that potential customer away. Last month alone, I have had 3 people comment on my Treo 300 at work and ask about Sprint. Needless to say, but they will be looking elsewhere for their Wireless carrier.
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    WhooHoo! Just got my treo 600, completely free! Last week my beloved and dependable treo 300, (which Sprint and amazon paid ME to buy!, $249.99 purchase price less $250.00 in rebates) developed a cracked hinge 3 days after the warranty expired. I had the insurance, but luckily didnt need to file a claim or pay a deductable. My local sprint store treated me well but didnt have any refurbished treo 600s in stock and I wanted to close the deal immeadiately, so, I drove an hour into Michigan to a Sprint store, showed them the cracked hinge, and they reluctantly handed over a treo 600, refurbished, but loooking good. The only thing better than a new toy is a free new toy.

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