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    My hinge broke with no warning on Monday. I am getting my new T300 tomorrow. Apparently, since there is a known hinge issue with the 300 Sprint is supposed to fix it. Instead the Sprint store in my hometown referred me to LockLine so I could use my insurance. LockLine put me in contact with a Sprint rep who knew what they were doing and who promptly made a notation on my account to order me a new phone. When I went back to the store they apologized and ordered me a new phone. Plus they are giving me a 12 moth warranty, so if this happens again I get a "comprable phone" (The 600 maybe???)
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    Wow, I can hardly believe that I talked to the same insurance co. you guys did. My battery has been getting progressively worse and my hinge lid started to crack last week. I called today, described the problems, and was asked how long ago the problems started. I told them the battery had been going dead for a couple of months but was nearly unuseable now. She wanted a date. I said two months ago. She told me I would have to 'say' a date. I said, "Fine, use August 6". At this point I was screwed. I was told that my problem was over 60 days old and not covered. I called back later and asked to have the claim paid due to the cracked hinge problem. I was told that both problems were logged as Aug. 6 and I wasn't getting anything. Spending 20 minutes on the phone with Sprint got me lots of sympathy and no offer for a solution. The monthly fee I've paid for the last 2 years for the insurance has been a total waste.

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    Ok, I just took my 3rd 300 to the store. This is the second one that has a fatal error and and really awful battery. Like talk 5 minutes and its dead battery. After waiting 1 hour I find out that the 300 isnt on the list to order. So I say " This is the third time I've checked back and its still not available. So what do we do?" Very politely. The rep beside the girl I was talking to told her that they have to give me a 600. Yes!, I thought to myself. She goes to the back to check to make sure this is correct and comes out with 600, NIB. Instead of coming to me she goes up front and checks in a cabinet. Comes back 5 minutes later with a RECONDITIONED 300 that was up front. Turns out that someone didnt pick it up, so I got stuck with it. I asked " So basically I'm getting someone elses phone that they didnt pick up?" Yes. I dont know about ya'll, but that doesnt seem right to me. So, I'm kinda I'll. And on my 4TH 300. Maybe this one will suck and I will request a 600, or just call Executive Services.
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    What is Executive Services?
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    Its for when things get really messed up with Sprint PCS
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    How do you contact them?
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    PM me and I'll give you the numbers
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    I think it is fine for them to give you a phone that no one picked up. After all you bought a treo 300, not a 600. Technology gets outdated, we all know that. If you get a 600 then they are going above and beyond by giving you an updated product when you now have an outdated one.

    Again, not to be mean, but no I dont think that was wrong
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    I think that it was wrong for them to say that they were giving me a 600 and then give me a 300. If I was that person who ordered that phone, I'd be ticked. And also, its a matter that the past two phones I've had were garbage. And I fully expect this one to be as well. This is part of the reason why I dislike sprint. When I had cingular, I took the same phone model back twice and then they said "Pick out a different phone and we'll just exchange it out". If you have recurring problems with the same model, quit screwing around and do something to make your customers happy instead of wanting to wrap you in duct tape and push you into hot magma( being fecitious). but you know what I mean.
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    Wes2004 - sorry to hear you're still having problems. I almost feel guilty that I somehow lucked out and got a new 300 from Lockline. I gotta agree with you on the point that after multiple problems, they should "do something" to make you satisfied. Wonder why they couldn't offer to upgrade you to a 600 for a fee.
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    Yeah, I'm considering going to another store next time anyways. Because it always takes a minimum of 45 minutes to get helped. Hopefully, there wont be a next time though
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    I think my screen is dying now. It has a yellowish-brown tint to it, even if I change the contrast. And when I darken it all the way I can see spots in the top left corner. I'm beginning to regret the decision to purchase this phone
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    Spots in the center of the screen now
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    Man sorry to hear about your bad luck. Cant you just pay to get a 600 upgrade?

    Also how much is it usually
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    I have no clue. But I dont have the money to pay to do that. But I also dont feel like I should get stuck with a crumy phone just cause they are out of them.
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    ya I understand. I think its only $50 or so though
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    well i took it to the store and i couldn't even get the screen to display. and thus was ordered a 600
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    congrats wes. i just got my reconditioned 300. i was in the store for a hour and a half. apparently the "techie" didn't know how to hotsync the phone so i could get all of my apps and stuff. however, i have a new warranty, so if this happens agains i won't get the same runaround. to me it makes more sense to give new models instead of crapy reconditioned models that just give out.
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    Yeah, hopefully I wont have as many problems with this phone. Just gotta wait till wed to get it
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    So did you get the 600?
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